What People With MS Are Saying About PoNS®

The following stories are from people with MS who had developed difficulty with their gait (ability to walk) and found improvement with PoNS Therapy™.

These experiences are from a real-world analysis of 42 individuals with MS in Canada.* In the analysis, 58.3% of the study population achieved at least a 4-point improvement in their Functional Gait Assessment (FGA). Individual results and experiences may vary. Talk to your healthcare provider to see if PoNS is right for you.

*Testimonials are from Canadian residents who are living with MS. PoNS was authorized for use in the US in March 2021. PoNS Therapy™ has been available in Canada since 2020.


Meet P.B.: Encouraging Improvements

“I was diagnosed with MS over 20 years ago and have Secondary Progressive MS. I’ve been using a walker for quite some time and adjusted my gait pattern to compensate for any changes.”

“While the 14-week program was a big commitment, PoNS Therapy resulted in improvements in my gait. I can walk using walking poles and can walk farther than I did prior to the therapy. It was very encouraging to see improvements in my walking.”


Meet K.M.: Customized Care

“Though filled with hope when first learning about PoNS, I had convinced myself to take the “wait and see” approach.”

“Then I found Novah Healthcare, with Clinic Director Dr. Trung Ngo and Resident Physiotherapist Asha Chaudhary. Their altruistic approach and flexibility to my availability were amazing. As a result of the customized program they put together with the PoNS device, there was significant improvement in my gait.”


Meet P.N.: Modified Approach

“I will say that the PoNS program was quite a vigorous workout for me, especially the first few weeks.”

“Propel Physiotherapy did a great job prescribing and modifying the exercises to suit my condition. My walking distance (with a rollator) improved substantially.”


Meet S.B.: Seeing Progress

“As someone who has had MS for over 40 years, I viewed PoNS as something to not only expand my rehabilitation routine, but to push me both physically and mentally.”

“While I encountered barriers along the way and progress was slow and steady, my walking with assistance is much better when completing my exercises and daily activities.”


Meet G.S.: Positive Change

“I was diagnosed with progressive MS 13 years ago. I had explored different therapies but have only had success with PoNS.”

“The program was time-consuming and physically challenging, but as the song says, ‘If you want a rainbow, you gotta put up with the rain.’ At the end of 14 weeks, I had significant measured distance gains in gait.”


Meet S.L.: Finding the Support She Needed

“PoNS Therapy enabled me to improve my walking. Some tasks seem easier, which makes my daily life better.”

“My walking has improved enough that I rely on walking support devices, like a cane, less often.”


Meet T.H.: Gaining Confidence Again

“When my physiotherapist told me they’d be offering PoNS Therapy at my clinic, I was very excited. Overall, I found the 14-week program easy to follow, if a bit time-consuming. Initially, I was frustrated by the lack of progress I saw, but by the end of the program, my gait and walking ability improved.”

“For me, PoNS Therapy was not a cure, but I feel the device was easy to use and the therapy improved my walking ability.”


Meet M.B.: Going the Extra Mile

“After meeting and discussing my personal needs with Dr. Cline and Marcela at the Cline Medical Centre in Nanaimo, without hesitation I knew I had to give PoNS my very best effort. With their heartfelt encouragement and excellent training program, I recognized improvements in my gait.”

“To sum up the 14-week program, I can now walk slowly—forwards and sideways—on the treadmill unsupported, and backwards hanging on with one hand! It is so encouraging to know there is help for those of us with MS as long as one is willing to go that extra mile.”


Meet K.B.: Climbing Stairs to Success

“Hope is a dangerous thing with MS, so I entered PoNS Therapy with cautious optimism. My caution turned to encouragement as I saw improvements in my gait!”

“Prior to my treatment I walked the stairs by stepping up with my right leg and dragging my left leg even, but now I experience periods every day where I walk up the stairs normally. I’ve experienced really encouraging results from my PoNS Therapy.”


Meet S.K.: The Path to Managing My MS

“PoNS Therapy was the next step for me in my MS journey after being diagnosed almost 15 years ago. It was exciting but is a lot of work and a big commitment. My wonderful PoNS Trainer worked with me diligently, answered all of my many questions, kept me motivated and provided different strategies when I got discouraged.”

“At the end of the 14-week program I noticed an improvement in my gait, which I was very happy about. The PoNS Therapy program is a wonderful journey to embark upon.”

REFERENCE: Helius Medical, Inc. Portable Neuromodulation Stimulator (PoNS) Real-World Evidence Study. August 2, 2020.